Rule Six: Tools Help

Do you really need tools?

Back in Rule One, we talked about how the first storytellers were able to share their story with nothing but their voice and a circle of listeners around a campfire.

Tools won’t necessarily make you a better or more successful writer, but it’s very difficult to be a good writer without them.

Before the printing press, writers still published their work, but the printing press helped them spread their books further. Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, and Mark Twain were all experienced in the printing business before they became authors, and their knowledge of the tools of publishing enabled them to share their stories more successfully.

The final rule of Story Cartel is Tools Help. They won’t save you from bad storytelling, but if used well, they will certainly make it possible to reach more people, faster.

What You’ll Learn In This Unit

In Rule Six: Tools Help, you will:

  • Have access to guides, reviews, and training on the best publishing tools available.
  • Listen to expert interviews about how professional writers and publishers use tools to effectively reach their audience.
  • Discuss the best tools you use with your classmates.

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