Apply for the Write Practice Author Community

Joe Bunting

We are accepting applications for seven open spots for charter members of The Write Practice / Story Cartel author community.

Charter members will receive:

  • Lifetime access to the membership community, included writing lessons and promotional materials
  • The chance to write for Story Cartel’s growing audience
  • Access to all of Story Cartel’s book sharing tools
  • Membership to a private critique group run by Joe Bunting
  • Free access to all books and courses by The Write Practice (a $65 value)

In return, charter members will:

  • Commit their time and energy to making this the best writing community possible (approximately 2-3 hours / week)
  • Lead future critique groups
  • Continue to write in whatever genre they prefer!

Interested? The application deadline is Monday at 11:59 pm EST.

Please fill out the following application.

For your writing sample, we’d love to see an excerpt of your polished work. Please, try to keep it below 1,000 words, though.

Applications are currently closed. I will let you know our selections shortly.