The Indirect Benefits of Sharing Your Story [expert interview]

As we mentioned in the last lesson, you may not make much money with your writing when you’re first starting out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t indirect benefits of sharing your writing.

At least that’s what Robert Bruce found.

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Robert Bruce is the Vice President of Marketing for Copyblogger Media, one of the largest and most respected blogs on the Internet. And he got the job by sharing his stories on his blog and interacting with other writers online. In this interview, Robert and I talk about the indirect benefits of creative writing. They might surprise you.

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  • staci troilo

    Isn’t it crazy how writing leads to certain career paths? Great interview, Joe.

  • James Hall

    I’m a hard reader to write for, but I’m the only one I will write for.

  • Joy Collado

    I think the lesson here is that, follow your passion first and the money will follow. The universe will reward an artist who is true to himself and does his art for the sake of art.

  • Carol

    I’m going to make a blog now and share my stories! Hello world!

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