Welcome to Class In Session: Launch Your Writing Career With Short Stories

Short stories are one of the best ways to get started sharing your story and building your Cartel. In this course, we’re going to talk extensively about how to write, publish, and use short stories to build your fiction platform.

How to Build a Fiction Platform with Short Stories

This three-part lesson will show you why you need a platform to launch your career as a writer, and walk you through a new perspective on building a platform for fiction writers.

Watch the series:

How to Sell Your Short Story on Amazon

If self-publishing and making a little money with your short stories sounds interesting to you, check out this video on how to format and publish your short stories on Amazon in less than an hour.

Watch the video (18 minutes).

How to Dissect a Short Story

In this eight-part lesson, I go through the process of how to read, study, and imitate short stories using the example “Gómez Palacio” by Roberto Bolaño. Dissecting short stories will help you better understand the short story form, and will help you as you write your own stories.

How to Format a Short Story

This video will teach you how to format your short story to submit to a literary magazine.

Watch the video (7 minutes).

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